10 Motivational Characters from Mahabharata – People who will make you believe in Dharma, Karma, Truth & Braveness

10 Motivational Characters from Mahabharata - People who will make you believe in Dharma, Karma, Truth & Braveness
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In Mahabharata , Krishna  the supreme one taught us that sometimes you have to go against your own family to stand for justice and nothing should come in the way.  Since to bring back law and order and truth and justice bring back Dharma we can fight war with anyone even if it is elders, relatives etc with a proper master plan.


In Mahabharata ,Vidura was the incarnation of Dharma.  Even the great men of the world regarded Vidura as the most skilled and intelligent person who was unparalleled in his knowledge of dharma, sastras and statesmanship. He was the minister in the court of Hastinapur and he always gave his thoughts which were totally devoid of attachment and anger.


Bhishma Pitamah , the key person of Mahabharata was bounded by  had taken a life long vow to “protect” the Kauravas, which was his dharma though his heart pined for the Pandavas.  He followed the Dharma that once a promise is made it has to be fuffilled even if it means going against your loved ones.


He always resolves to follow his dharma. Even if time and again he and his brothers were cheated by Duryodhana and Shakuni , he never gave up Though he was not keen on war , still it was mandatory to stop evil not to win rewards , it was done to bring in law and order.


Arjuna was the greatest warrior however his past actions, his karma brought him to that particular point in his life where he was to fight a war with his own loved ones. His dharma (duty) was to get justice as in spite of these  attachments he had duties and obligations for his Family ,his comrades and country.


Eklavya was son of a hunter and learnt archery by just making a statue of Dronacharya. However he cut off his thumb without second thought when his guru asked him to give it in the form of “:gurudakshina”.  Eklavya taught us that our teachers are the one who have shaped us, and hence our duty and dharma is we should never forget to thank them.


She was the mother of the Kauravas and the wife of Dhritarashtra, the blind King of Hastinapur.  Though she was good and pure at heart ,her emotions were severely tested by her reacherous brother Shakuni, her ambitious and blind husband Dhritarashtra and her hate filled jealous sons.  Her life full of sorrow, pain and agony is further saddened at the end of the war when all her sons were killed and she is her final loneliness and grief.


Sanjaya taught us that even if the truth is bitter, it has to be served to your loved ones so that they can cope with it.  Even if the Kauravas lost at the war, Sanjaya had to tell everything to Dhritarashtra since he had to do his duty of Dharma.


He is the elder brother of Krishna, the unnamed leader, among the Yadavas.  He believed in and loved Krishna but he also loved peace. He never believed in war and did not want to part of it even if war was inevitable.  He was the teacher to Duryodhana and Bheema in the art of wielding the mace .  He was against the idea of fighting between disciples and hence he refuses to fight the Mahabharata war.


Bhima is the strongest of men, son of Vayu, god of the wind . He was against the game of dice however he still listens to his elder brother. He avenges Draupadi’s insult by the bloody deaths of Duhsasana and drinking his blood, and killing most of the Kauravas.

Each of these characters are brave, strong, however are caught in their Karmas.  Dharma means doing the right thing to do at a given time or situation.  and it should be based on wisdom, insight and values. 

It is multi dimensional – based on duty and  truth which has to be followed.  Dharma and Karma are closely interlinked with one influencing the other i. e if you do not follow dharma, you have to reap the consequences called as  karma –which is personalized for each individual and situation so it is you reap what you sow, sooner or later.

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