5 Most Negative Characters from Mahabharata – They Teach You What Not to Do in Life!!

5 Most Negative Characters from Mahabharata – They Teach You What Not to Do in Life


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Shakuni, was an embodiment of Self-Hatred.  He was not happy when his sister was married to a blind man. He vowed  to take a revenge but a very cruel one and he destroyed the entire Kuru Clan.

Learnings:  Revenge should not blind us so much that it ruins our own lives, Shakuni was always with Duryodhana and used him indirectly to take revenge. He didn’t look after his own family. We must confront with enemies but not at cost of own life , it should not become our life’s goal.


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One of the greatest Kaurvas warrior of Mahabharata, the first son of  Dhritarashtra and Gandhari.He had poisoned ambition and greed for the Pandavas’ wealth and good fortune which was constantly fueled by his uncle Shakuni.  He cheated, lied, and never showed respect towards elders. He never showed  concern or admired his enemies. He was cunning and dishonest and didn’t hesitate in insulting Drapudi.

Learnings: We must be a good leader with a strong vision not get influenced by others and be blinded in our mission. Our counter parts, women , children everyone has to be respected , we must not treat them cruelly.  We must never underestimate our enemies or get prejudiced. We must not be ignorant or act arrogantly  with others. We must not seek wealth using malice or deceit and definitely not at the cost of our family and friends.


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He always loved to be the king of Hastinapur but could not since he was born blind. Once his son is born he desires that his son should rule the kingdom. Hence  he refuse to let it go and thereby removed or silenced the opposition from Pandavas by force or cheating. Finally his love ended up destroying the entire Kuru clan in the big war.

Learnings: We must be a just leader and not be blinded by our self or personal goal. We must not have bad set of friends or relatives and get influenced by them. Fatherly love must not come in disciplining children and their bad deeds. We must not encourage and pamper our kids too much where they become a burden to the society.


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He was Duryodhan’s brother and Dhritarashtra and Gandhari’s second son. He loved his brother and was devoted to him that he agreed to all the whims and fancies that his brother made him to do. He went to the extent of disrobing ad humiliating Draupadi just because his brother ordered him to do so.

Learnings: We must have our own ideals and principles and not follow others judgement especially when it is wrong. We must not follow bad deeds of our elder brother and be blinded by love.


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He was the son of Guru Drona. He was blessed with great powers but he didn’t use it wisely. During the big war he slaughtered many in the Pandava camp in a sneak attack and later was cursed by Lord Krishna for inhuman killings.He has never been remembered as a great warrior . Though he had supreme powers from Lord Shiva he was never recognized.

Learnings: We must utilize our knowledge and skill efficiently and help the people who need us and not waste our skills by doing something very bad for the society.

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