5 Motivational Lessons to Learn from Lakshagraha incident in Mahabharata

5 Motivational Lessons to Learn from Lakshagraha incident in Mahabharata
Pic: A GK Blog in Hindi

Shakuni planned Lakshagraha to kill Pandavas. He wanted Duryodhana to be the king. But due to smartness of Vidura, Pandavas were able to save their life. From this dirty incident still we can learn below five motivational lessons.

1) Be alert from enemy

Always be alert from your enemy. Don’t underestimate his intentions and plans of destroying you.

2) Have good people around you

Pandavas were able to save their life because of their uncle Vidura. It’s was Vidura’s intelligence that he was able to rescue Pandavas from Lakshagraha.

3) Stay ahead of time

Don’t be lazy. Complete your things on time. If the tunnel was not made on time, Pandavas could have lost their life.

4) When needed, keep things secret

To understand plan of Shakuni, Vidura advises Pandavas to keep everything secret from everyone. Sometime in life you need to hide truth to know the truth.

5) You reap what you sow

Workers who constructed Lakshagraha also got burnt alive in the house they built. If you do anything evil in life, you also get the same result.

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