7 Most Humiliated and Ignored Women in Indian Hindu Mythology


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She was the most beautiful, intelligent and virtuous woman. She is the Epitome of Feminity. Her story is a saga of suffering and disgrace . She was a queen who had 5 brave husbands -the Pandavas but who discard her repeatedly.  She had no joy in her life, no sense of victory, no respect as mother or no honour as a wife.  She was treated as a object who was pledged in a game and disrobed in the palace till Krishna comes to her rescue.


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Sita is ideal example of a woman who possesses all the good qualities that a traditional Indian woman is expected have.  She was the ideal daughter to her parents, perfect wife to her husband, Rama, and the doting mother to her twins, Luv and Kush. However she  had to undergo a lot of trials and tribulations in her marital life ,she leaves the comforts of the palace to go with Rama in the forest.  She was abducted by Ravana , once rescued she has to undergo Agni Pariksha to prove her chastity to the world.  She is sent to exile again ,when she is pregnant.  It was her courage, chastity and adherence to Dharma that finally made her emerge the ultimate winner, one who never let go of her principles in life.


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Gandhari,the wife of Dhritharastra and mother of the 100 Kauravas, is one of the unsung heroes of the Mahabharat.  Gandhari’s position in the royal family was always low and insecure.  She expressed her empathy with her blind husband by choosing to be as sightless herself.  She was a remarkable woman; very brave and rooted in her own convictions.  However, she, could neither be an advisor nor a protector of her wayward sons.   She was a helpless bystander who watched her sons and grandsons driven to death and destruction in the great war. Her life was only of pain, sorrow, neglect and betrayal.


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Devaki was married to King Vasudev.  However , Kamsa the brother of Devaki who was scared of his death at hands of Devaki’s child was about to to kill her immediately.  Her husband convinces Kamsa only to be imprisoned .  They were treated like criminals.  Devaki’ s suffering begins when she had to see each of her first six children taken from her immediately after birth and were crushed to death by her own brother. Though she had given birth to Krishna, Devaki missed out all the adorable childhood pranks of Krishna.


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Mandodari, is the beautiful wife of Ravana, pious and righteous royal lady, silent in her spiritual quest. Mandodari was a woman of character, virtue and relentless faith .  She tried her best to make Ravana mend his ways, though she was unsuccessful in the end. Mandodari loved him and always advised him to follow the path of righteousness.   She repeatedly advised Ravana to return Sita to Rama, but her advice fall on deaf ears. She tolerated the misdeeds of Ravana till his death.


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Ruma and Sugriva had fallen in love with each and wanted to marry , however Ruma’s father was against it.  Hence, with the help of Hanuman, Sugriva abducted Ruma and got married.  However , Vali forcibly took away  Ruma from Sugriva and his kingdom too.  She was later rescued only when Rama kills Vali and helps Sugrīva to become the sovereign of Kishkindha.


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Kunti is the sister of Krishna Vasudeva. She was married to king Panduof Hastinapur and was the mother of Karna and the Pandava brothers Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna. Kunti was impulsive and tried out her newly learned mantra, and invoked Surya – the Sun God, and she was blessed  with a son, Karna.  Kunti could not be a unwed mother and hence she took the heartbreaking, yet bold decision to set her newborn afloat in a river.  She was a faithful consort to her husband, though he had married Madri and a dutiful mother to her sons and also supported them in the war to get back their rights of the kingdom.  She had undergone pain, gave up her comforts and happiness throughout her life.

Each of these women had their beauty, great amount of confidence, and intelligence yet bore the discomforts in their lives with patience and fortitude.

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