7 Super Motivational Characters from Great Indian Epic Ramayana

1Lord Rama

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He is an Epitome of Virtue and Dharma. He sacrificed his own wife and crown and came out of his comfort zone to spend years in forest for the sake of following the right path in life. He was a forgiver. He valued every individual. Together with his alliance building with Sugriva , he perfectly managed in creating a team for a war against Ravana. He won back Sita, killed the demon , followed his parents’ wishes ,managed his people like a true leader.


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Sita was Lord Rama’s eternal consort. She always maintained peaceful and harmonious relationship with everyone . As a devoted wife she follows her husband to years of exile in forest leaving the luxury and opulence of the palace. She maintained her calm and resisted terror when she was adbucted by Ravana.  Due to her selfless love and faith in her husband Rama , she does not lose cool and remains protected.


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He is known for his unparalleled loyalty and love for Lord Rama. He was wise and brave, strong and intelligent. He always remained humble and respected everyone. He always fulfilled all the tasks assigned to him  with the highest degree of commitment. With the trust and faith in his master Lord Rama, he managed to visit Lanka to  get information about Sita.


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Bharata was second brother of Lord Rama. He was devoted to Lord Rama . To  honour  his family’s fame and tradition, and adhere to truth and righteousness, love for his older brother he ruled the kingdom as Lord Rama’s representative .


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He was Ravana’s brother. He always followed the path of truth and righteousness even if  his own brother was against him. He joined Rama’s army to fight against evil. He always spoke truth and warned his brother of his misdeeds.  He did not appreciate his brother’s act of abducting someone else’s wife.


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He formed good alliance with Lord Rama and conquered back his kingdom from Vali.  He also helped Rama against the war with Lanka. He along with this troop fought violently with Ravana under Lord Rama’s leadership.


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She was caring and righteous and provided selfless support to her husband Ravana . She was totally devoted, loyal and faithful wife. She was always trying to be bring peace in her family. She always warned Ravana from doing evil.  She was a queen who constantly tried to make others better.

Each of these characters have special qualities-Perseverance, determination , selflessness ,importance to truth and values etc for us to learn . It will help us to lead and manage various circumstances and issues in our lives.

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