Brazilian Footballer Helio Neto Was Reading Bible Passage When His Plane Crashed

Brazilian Footballer Helio Neto Was Reading Bible Passage When His Plane Crashed

A Brazilian footballer named Helio Neto is now hogging the limelight. This 32 year old centre back of Chapecoense is fighting for his survival now.

The date 28th November in the year 2016 would ever be remembered by the fans of this 32 year old Helio Neto. On this day the flight in which he was travelling crashed in Columbia at around 21:58 pm. This accident killed as many as 71 people who traveled that day in the flight La Mia Flight 2933. There were totally 77 people who traveled that day in this flight.

It must be noted that this plane was transporting people from Viru Viru International Airport in Bolivia to Columbia’s Jose Maria Cordova International Airport. The Brazil based Chapecoense team were supposed to play Copa Sudamericana Finals 2016 and their match versus strong Athletico Nacional was eagerly anticipated by the fans.

It is confirmed that one of the four crew members plus three of the players plus two passengers escaped from the clutches of death that day and escaped miraculously. It is now said that Helio Neto who survived this plane crash was reading passage of Bible.

According to Simone wife of Helio Neto her husband Helio Neto was a religious Christian who took Bible wherever he went. The bible was found at the place where crash took place and this bible was later handed over to Helio Neto’s wife.

It must be noted that Helio Neto was reading the passage’’ about being safe in the shadow of God’s wings’’. This footballer Helio Neto is now fighting for his survival in the hospital after undergoing many surgeries. Let us pray for his speedy recovery.

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