Many Spiritual Life Lessons to Learn from Dialogues of Movie ‘Raja Natwarlal’


Sometime we feel we are in this world for forever. We need to understand that our life is limited.

Life is like money … you can only spend it once

When you lose never lose the lesson

For once you may forget the person who helped you in your problem … but never forget the one who gave you the problem.

Make sure you remain cool in all situations

The calmer your mind is … the sweeter the revenge will be

For growth one need to take chances and do something different

You get a chance between risk and opportunity … and the one who does romance with that chance … is called a true king

Surely, money can buy many things

When you have money in your pocket then life becomes happy

Never involve money in relationships

Friendship is water and money is oil … you should never mix them

Life is full of illusion

I am a born cheater, not a sidekick … I don’t spread my hands after a show … I spread a trap and then I collect money in that trap

Life is simply risk or no risk

The one who learns to save doesn’t know how to earn more money.

People want the rivalry to continue

I want to take revenge from Mr. Vardha … but not by killing him … by keeping him alive

We are not lucky and unlucky at same time

Luck is a small girl … who likes to play hide & seek

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