Mukti Bhawan (Hotel Salvation) – An Upcoming film based on the cycle of Death

Mukti Bhawan (Hotel Salvation) – An Upcoming film based on the cycle of Death

To attain Moksha from the cycle of Birth and Death, there is a hotel for this which people purposely chose to free themselves from their life cycle – The place is known as Mukti Bhavan. It’s in Varanasi and people from all over the world especially chose this place to live in when they feel their final time has arrived and they come and stay over here. The place, Mukti Bhawan has something that people attain freedom over here. People check-in here to die and to accomplish salvation.

Mukti Bhawan has several stories of its own like people who have been staying over there are given a period of fifteen days and if they do not die within the given time, they are asked to leave the place so that next person can take the room and wait for his turn.

Based on the several stories of this hotel Salvation, a movie is coming to depict the reality of what actually it is and why people chose this particular place over any other place.

The trailer of the film, Mukti Bhawan has been released and it looks quite promising in terms of going on real platform. What has been depicted in the trailer is the story of a seventy seven year old man, Daya who wakes up from a strange nightmare and realizes that his time is up and now he should move to that salvation place to die and decides to move to Varanasi.

He has been helped by his son, Rajiv who at first ignores but later when left with no choice agrees to his father’s condition, actually the last wish of dying and he accompany him to Varanasi, to the hotel Salvation. It’s all there they get to know that the old man has been given a time of fifteen day and if in case, he did not die within fifteen days then he should move from the place and he agrees to live on the terms of the hotel Salvation.

Rajiv stayed over there to take care of his father and in between he experiences difficulties too which in other terms related to his job and family, personal problems.

While Rajiv was trying to help his father, Daya, he founds that his father has already found a new companion in a seventy five year old lady called Vimla. Rajiv faced a strong dilemma as his father’s condition wasn’t approving and he just laid down to wait for his death.

The film explores Varanasi and its rituals and beautifully carved them. Family binds, togetherness, everything was kept on stake as depicted in the trailer.

Call it Mukti Bhavan or Salvation House, stands always for the last wish of the people. The place has seen its share of deaths. The film will be a worth watch. It features Adil Hussain and Subhashish Bhutiani.

Watch Trailer of the Movie

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