Think Tanks and Most Intellectual & Inspiring Characters from Indian Hindu Mythology

Hindu Mythology is one of the greatest volumes we have. It has different stories of Gods and their incarnations written all over it and several other characters which in some or the other way are the God’s sons and they have an story and not ordinary stories, they incorporate motivation within and if you keep motivation aside, it also highly inspires you with its inspiring and intellectual characters that keeps you on track and always inspires you to do high and none other than the almighty.

We present you some of the characters.

Lord Rama

The hero of Ramayana who is inspiring in more than one ways. He was exiled for fourteen years and didn’t lose his patience and wandered in the jungles. He took the life of a common man despite being the king of Ayodhya. There was no other like him.

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The God who changed the destiny of India with the Mahabharata. His intellectual and the sharp sense of mind kept the victory on his side. He knew what would work well. His principles work in the modern world too. Needless to say that he still works as a great inspiration.

Pic: Maa Durga Wallpaper

Lord Hanuman

The most ever powerful God from whom we can learn a lot as there are many incidents which motivates us. There is one such where he remembered his powers again that teaches us that we forget who we are and never try. He did it and even we can.



An important character from the old epic Mahabharata. Was one of the three kings and still worked as counselor to the king. He was true to his terms and know what dharma was. Always stand by side of truth and never gave evil a chance.



The eldest Pandava who always wanted peace and this was the reason he try to avoided war. He knew what relations were from the time he entered in Hastinapura and always respected his elders. There is a lot we all can learn from Yudhishthira.

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The younger brother of Ravana. Though he resided in Lanka but he knew well that resides on whose side. He even made his brother try to understand what’s wrong and thus he left his kingdom to support truth.

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The eldest of all in the Mahabharata epic. Bhishma always knew what was right and gave equal rights to his grand sons, an equal love with no difference. Bhishma stands as one of the highly inspiring characters from the epic who never bend down to atrocities. The most intellectual character.


Lord Vishnu

The almighty who is an inspiration to many. Lord Vishnu has many tales and all stands for a lessons of truth and lies. He is the God who knows how to get work done and one can learn many things from him. He is also considered as the Modern day Guru.



The archer who made himself perfect by practice. There was no time and no limit. He practiced as much as he can and made himself a perfect archer. Arjuna proved himself to be the greatest of all warriors in the Mahabharata war.

Pic: Bhagwat Gita Blog


Whatever happened in every day war was told to Dhritraashtra by Sanjaya. Sanjaya stands as one of the intellectual characters. He knew the shlokas of the Mahabharata war and some were spoken by him. Sanjaya was a blind person who was helped with eyes from a sage.

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