This happiness guru Saamdu Chetri from the country of Bhutan has got painful past life and it is really touching

Pic: Dumbo Feather

It is rare to see nations giving preference to happiness of the population and Bhutan is one such country where happiness of the population is given more importance than the GDP. It is now said that construction of Bhutan’s first happiness centre is going on in the remote Bumthang valley at the Himalayas foothills and a person named Saamdu Chetri works in this place along with many workers.

This place was chosen because of its superb natural surroundings and rich history and is stunning. It is important to note that this Saamdu Chetri was charged to bring happiness to Bhutan.

It is shocking to hear that this Saamdu Chetri has painful past life of his own. This cowshed born Saamdu Chetri spoke about his family that had seven brothers and four sisters. Saamdu Chetri started to help his parents when he was 14 after leaving his school. His life took a turn when on Nepal pilgrimage his parents got friendship with another family that wanted this Saamdu Chetri to be their son-in-law. It must be noted that he married a girl as per the family’s wish and he did not have any interest to marry a girl.

It was sad that his wife left him and his two young kids. The friendship between him and another woman turned into love and he married again. At this point his first wife returned and this created many issues for Saamdu Chetri. Later she disappeared and was found 19 years before and Chetri was shocked to know she had mental issues. This Saamdu Chetri with sad past is now given big responsibility of happiness in Bhutan. Superb Saamdu Chetri!!

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